How does public opinion on Brexit look ahead of party conference season? Polling Matters

Polling Matters returns for an extended episode exploring the latest goings-on in Washington DC and what a recent avalanche of Brexit related polling tells us about public opinion as we head into a crucial party conference season.

In part one, Keiran and I looked at Trump’s approval rating and what that says about his prospects for re-election and the GOP’s prospects in the upcoming midterms. We also looked at the potential Democratic candidates to face him in 2020, with a special focus on Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as they compete for the right to lead the Democrat’s progressive wing.

In part two, we examined a range of recent polls that present conflicting messages about the state of public opinion on Brexit. Keiran argued that polling on the outcome of a second referendum is useless at this stage, while I looked at whether support for a second vote is increasing.



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