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What conspiracy theories do Brits believe? Polling Matters

Posted in Politics, Polling Matters on August 16th, 2018 by Leo – Be the first to comment

On this week’s Polling Matters Keiran and I take a different approach to the podcast and look at public opinion on conspiracy theories using some exclusive polling from Opinium.

How many Brits think the earth is flat? Is Elvis alive? Were the moon landings faked? Is Paul dead? Is Nessie real? And how about climate change and chemtrails?

Also on the show, we discuss how Corbyn’s latest troubles might impact the polls and what the public think about Boris Johnson’s recent comments on the Burka.


Are the public turning against Brexit and what do they really think of Communism? Polling Matters

Posted in Bad polling, Politics, Polling Matters on August 2nd, 2018 by Leo – Be the first to comment

This week’s Polling Matters podcast is split into three parts.

In part one: Keiran and I discuss this week’s Sky Data poll and look at the evidence for whether the public really are turning against Brexit and what this might mean for the debate in Westminster.

In part two: we look at some exclusive Opinium polling on different political systems and ideologies. What do the public think about socialism and capitalism? Is communism really being rehabilitated? And what do the public really understand about the different ideological terms that are often bandied about in the press

In part three: I ask about who pays for polling and how much we should know / pollsters should be made to publish about who pays for their work (see my previous articles about this here).